right-click, save as


  1. Download the zip file and unzip it.
  2. Upload the files to your webspace or a free image hosting service (eg. Photobucket).
  3. Go to the admin console.
  4. Type in:
    moodtheme_create "Keanu Reeves " "Keanu Reeves mood theme by herdivineshadow"
  5. Click "execute". You'll be given an i.d. number for your mood theme, make a note of it.
  6. Open the "moodtheme.txt" file from the opened zip file and replace where it has "12345" with the number you were just given.
    moodtheme_setpic 12345 90 100 65
    (the bit bolded above)
  7. Replace where it says "" with the url of your webspace or photobucket album.
  8. Copy everything from the text file and paste it into the admin console and click "execute". Your mood theme should now be installed.
  9. Go to the Custom Mood Editor page and click on the "use" button next to your newly installed mood theme to begin using it.
  10. Alternatively, you can also use the custom mood editor to install the mood theme, but it's probably quicker to use the admin console.

NB: The Keanu Reeves mood theme has one mood icon with a shot of a bare bum. If you don't want Keanu's naked buttocks appearing in your journal, replace the "naughty" mood icon with another.